Reflection & Gratitude

“The Throwing back by Body or Surface of Light, Heat or Sound Without Absorbing It”

How absolutely beautiful! I am well aware that this definition really refers to an actual reflection, such as your own, in a mirror or body of water, however, should we not do the same when reflecting upon the year that has now come to an end?

The other definition being ‘Serious Thought or Consideration” should be avoided at all costs in this instance. Truth is, we cannot change what has happened, we cannot alter an event or experience once it has been had. ‘Serious Thought or Consideration’ would require our full attention; and how can we then avoid being absorbed in every event and experience all over again?

31 Dec 2018, my final yoga class of the year was all about Releasing What No Longer Serves You. This year I asked my students to look back at 2019 and find the worst experience, event or hardship. That huge thing that SUCKED! The thing that possibly destroyed the year for you. Find it AND BE GRATEFUL FOR IT!

I try and make gratitude a daily practice and it’s easy to find hundreds of things to be grateful for. It’s easy to be grateful for all our blessings, for wonderful people in our lives and for the things we so easily take for granted. It’s a whole new challenge to be grateful for the shitty stuff. Especially while going through it. It’s hard to be grateful for a broken heart, the death of a loved one, loss of income or climate change for that matter. It’s so incredibly challenging to be grateful for destruction, change, a toxic family member or colleague.

Gratitude also enables us to truly reflect without being Absorbed in it all over again.

The thing is though, gratitude causes a shift. In hind sight, all the worst, most difficult times in your life, has taught you the most!
 When we learn, we grow. Gratitude allows us to be students.

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