Gratitude is the only Attitude

Dr John Demartini says: "Anything you can't be grateful for is holding you back. "

Very often I end my yoga classes with a 'Gratitude Bath'. Starting at our toes and gently progressing upwards, stopping at as many sections and parts possible; expressing gratitude to that section, for just existing, for what it does and how it serves us. At the very least we take a moment of gratitude before sitting up after savasana.

I am a firm believer in 'Gratitude is the only Attitude'. It truly is the greatest gift you can give yourself, after acceptance of course. Gratitude makes it possible to live an inspired life, to experience being in love and to handle almost ANY challenge.

What you cannot thank will hold you back, in life, relationships, business, family relations and it will prevent your growth and becoming your authentic self. I believe if you can't appreciate the worst parts, you won't even get to the best ones.

Think about it, and remember, right now it's JUST YOU, no judgements, no lies, just take a moment of complete reflection amd honesty.

Recall your worst experiences, most painful moments, the things that stopped or blocked you from achieving a goal or steered you into a direction you didn't want to go. You may have many, I had many too. For quite some time I was very resentful towards my parents, for different reasons, one of them was how they always expected me to achieve, and to achieve in the 'right' departments of life. "Being a teacher isn't a real job, become an accountant." I was resentful because my soul wanted to help and heal strangers, not become a capitalist with job security. Long story short, those resentments held me back, it mande our family relationships false and communicating always felt strained and dishonest. The moment I could say : Thank goodness my parents guided and pushed me, thank fuck I didn't follow my soul first, all of my experience and work towards what I felt was THEIR goal; have since proven to have served a purpose, some still do and always will! Being grateful for something I initially hated has released my authentic self, I now appreciate them so so much and our relationships are solid, truthful, unapologetic and promotes Growth for us ALL.

So go ahead think of yours, start with a small one or jump right to your deepesr hurt. Its in your control, you are the pilot here. No feel what you feel, feel hurt, broken, betrayed, abandoned .. Feel that pain, cry, submerge and do it wholeheartedly, because this will be the last time that THAT experience will cause you these feelings.

Now, take a step back; in hind sight, look at what you gained? Which shifts happened because of it, what changed and what didn't? Find the positives.

Keep at it until you find something good or beneficial that happened as a result of that horrible experience. You WILL find something, it may be huge or might be tiny, no matter how small, start somewhere and say THANK YOU.

Your sincere appreciation, will change your life!

What have you got to lose? ...After All, how hard can it be to say something as simple as Thank You. 😉

Thank you for existing, surving and still getting up every morning! Thank you for reading, give the podcast a listen too. Please share this with your friends and family, --- Send in a voice message:

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