Me & Corona – Way in the beginning

Me & The Corona Virus…

When this started, before panic set in,  I remember sitting with yoga students and massage clients and jokingly talking about the subject.  I remember explicitly saying that ‘THIS IS WHY SIMPLE SENSE EXISTS!’ WE WILL KEEP PEOPLE HEALTH, HAPPY AND UPLIFTED!

One by one I saw these same clients and students fall into a space of fear, falling for media driven panic and succumbing to it. I was not giving up and going full steam ahead. Adjusting slightly, not allowing outsiders, over-sanitising and cleaning like someone with OCD. Still doing massages, still teaching yoga and trying to keep the mood lifted and spirits high. Identifying and sharing the blessings disguised in the madness.

Then our president announced a National Lockdown, 21 days of NO Business unless it’s an essential service. Still I had no worries and still I was not concerned. I know my service is essential, now more than ever. However, reality hits and my HPCSA registration does not classify me under the essential bracket.

So, eventually I surrender (Not by choice, fear and concern has ensured absence of all my clients and students).

I remained happy and positive! Seeing all the opportunity we have for change!!! As mankind we can finally voluntarily become KIND Man!! Economy busted, so we can finally Really HELP people, help each other and love each other without condition! I was filled with excitement and Gratitude!

So “Okay, fine, now I have time and can finally get my endless to do list done!” ….

Surprise surprise… my life force, my vitality, my purpose, my fire, my love, my passion, my livelihood IS MY JOB! MY BUSINESS, MY PEOPLE!  

No amount of positivity, gratitude and happy thoughts, can feed me like my purpose does! For me to even WANT to attempt my To Do list, I need my vitality! I need my Life Force & need to be for filling my purpose!

I have to do something, have to find a way past this tiny mental block. AND AS SURE AS I AM OF WHO I AM, I AM SURE THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS! We got this!!

I will keep you posted the moment I find my way. Until then, lets stay in Love & Gratitude, Always!


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