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Holistic healing

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Therapy & Treatments

Simple Sense Massage combines various anatomical, physiological, neurological, esoteric and energy based forms of therapy. It’s Simple, try it for yourself.

Yoga & Movement

Getting you moving is our main motivation which is why we offer Yoga,  GEN-WIZE, stretch and workout classes. Maintain or regain your physical freedom.



Simple Sense hosts a range of events and workshops throughout the year. We also run Training Programs and Various Workshops.

yoga & Therapy Center

regain your physical freedom

Located in the best little mountain village in South Africa! Hogsback, Eastern Cape is home to the Simple Sense Therapy Center.

Holistic Healing in the true sense of the word.
Our aim is to show everybody how to love, help heal themselves. Our bodies are magnificent creations, which sometimes go a little ‘off track’, gets out of balance and needs some readjustments and a true compassionate touch.

This is a space to come and take care of everything from your toes to your thoughts.

something about Miki...

With the experience of over 7000 bodies, yoga teacher, acupuncture, physical therapy qualifications as well as training in over 12 styles and types of massage modalities, Miki and Simple Sense really is the answer!

Miki is a village treasure and has been gifted with healing hands ready to take away your muscle aches and pains. 

Many of the locals will not be able to even walk if it was not for her! Her massages are deeply healing and if you have any muscle ailment, she will be able to miraculously make it disappear!

"My true passion is the human body! We are an amazing combination of nerves, blood vessels, tendons and muscles all wrapped around a skeleton that allows, enables and at times restricts us to move and function."... Miki

"I am definately not for everyONE, but I AM for everyBODY. If you have been struggling to find answers, I am willing and excited to look for THE answer WITH you! 
The human body has been MY passion, I am fueled and fired by my fascination and amazement of how the systems of the body work symbiotically. How, when some parts weaken, other parts raise to the occasion. How age affects us and how it doesn’t. How diet, day-to-day living, our past experiences and our emotions all impact our health."