Offering solutions for every physical discomfort in our society today, from Frozen Shoulder to Sciatica. Making an appointment, with a Simple Sense Therapist, sought after by sufferers from around the globe.

We now offer a FULL COURSE as well as GET THE EDGE COURSE. Our Full Course only accepts applicants that have undergone psychometric testing, passion evaluation and our exemption process.

The right heart, soul, attitude and passion opens the door and is first on our requirements list. If you feel that you have that base and passion we are looking for, please feel free to pour all of it into an email and you could be chosen for a full scholarship.

Our other course is ONLY for qualified therapists, permanently employed and checked. This course is meant to provide business owners with an edge. Something to differentiate them, and the services they provide, from all competitors around them.

Training takes place in Hogsback, Eastern Cape. At The Simple Sense Therapy Centre. A beautiful secluded mountain village with an energy like very few other places on earth. Without the distractions of ‘city-life’; focused, hands on education is not only easy, but natural.

Accommodation provided is self-catering house-share, at times with other therapists, which provides opportunity for learning and sharing experiences. (Of course you are welcome to book accommodation separately elsewhere in Hogsback)

Full Course duration is varied, Get the Edge Course duration is one month, consisting of an average of 6 hours practical, four days per week, one day theory and two days off / adventuring / hiking / etc. Students may also opt for extra training hours or one on one time with their Trainer.

Should you have any questions or would like to apply to book for this course, please contact me directly.

Kind Regards

Miki Kruger

Any questions or to request enrollment documents, please email 

We also offer the following Short Courses apart from our Simple Sense Therapist long Courses:   Hot Stone Massage
Therapy Business & Client Relations
Basic Course in Massage Therapy Biography creates Biology - How emotions, experiences and attitude affects our physiology.
Movement & Stretch Massage
Post Operative Massage
Yoga Sequencing for Yoga Teachers