Neck & Shoulder Release – #Voga
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Release, Relax and Reset those tense Neck & Shoulder muscles
Why Voga – #Voga
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The thing I loved most about my yoga guru is
Gentle 30min Warm up Stretch – #Voga
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Beginners Welcome. All body types and Ages. This is just
Me & Corona – Way in the beginning
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Me & The Corona Virus… When this started, before panic
Self Love starts with Loving Others
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  We are constantly being bombarded with definitions and firm
Reflection & Gratitude
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Reflection…. “The Throwing back by Body or Surface of Light,
I am… we are.
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I honestly believe if you believe every person you meet is the absolute BEST version of themselves; 9 times out of 10, you will be right!
The Human Condition…
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How often have you read a book, listened to a
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