Simple sense therapy center

Simple Sense Therapy Centre is situated in Valley view road in Upper Hogsback. If you follow that road, you will most certainly get to an earthly version of heaven. 

Simples Sense Mission:

Our aim is to Change One Body At A Time. 

“Our Bodies Are Magnificent Creations, Which Sometimes Go A Little ‘Off Track’, Gets Out Of Balance And Needs Some Readjustments And A True Compassionate Touch. We offer  holistic healing in the true sense of the word. A Space To Come And Take Care Of Everything From Your Toes To Your Thoughts. 

Our Purpose Is To Serve As Many People From All Around The World As Possible, Contributing To The Healing Of Humanity, One Person At A Time.”

Miki Kruger

A little something about yourself, your qualifications and your super powers

Miki is a village treasure and has been gifted with healing hands ready to take away your muscle aches and pains. 

Many of the locals will not be able to even walk if it was not for her! Her massages are deeply healing and if you have any muscle ailment, she will be able to miraculously make it disappear!


What People Say

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  • Yoga Classes
  • Massages
  • Pain Management & Treatments

  • Gen-Wize Stretch Classes

  • Zoom/Online Sessions

  • Training


Where to Find Us:

Valley View Road Hogsback Eastern Cape
Via Email:
Via Whatsapp or phone:
+27 76 721 7956